Krusell Sunne 2 Card Foliowallet för Galaxy Note 9

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Sunne collection is a master of discreet and true luxury. The phone wallet is a handcrafted premium product with a mix of fabric and modern vintage leather and room for 2 credit cards. The soft inner lining enhances the feeling of luxury. By unifying sharp tailoring and genuine vintage leather you get a sleek and elegant cover wrapping your Galaxy S9 Plus in a sophisticated style. The genuine leather of Sunne ages with beauty and by following your adventures it matures and gets even smarter over time. The Sunne collection is also available for other phone brand models such as iPhone, Sony and Huawei’s models.

Fodraltyp: Vikbart fodral
Öppen typ: Sida
Ytterligare utrymmen: 4x kreditkort, sedlar
Skyddsfunktioner: Ställfunktion

Sunne 2 Card Foliowallet för Galaxy Note 9
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